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Through leadership, performance and teamwork, it is the employees at Sentex who drive the company to succeed, ultimately shaping its future. Since we believe our employees are invaluable, we provide a friendly, fast-paced work environment that is flexible enough to allow employees to balance the challenges of their workday with the rest of their lives. Sentex encourages individual growth through training and practical experience, and strong company growth through teamwork and common goals. Sentex helps its employees succeed in their careers and realize their ambitions.

Sentex Communications
Human Resources Dept.
240 Holiday Inn Drive (Unit D)
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
N3C 3X4

Sentex recognizes the importance of each and every one of our employees. We provide a creative, flexible working environment that challenges and motivates our staff. We realize that the happiness of our employees goes a long way to determining the success of our company.

Keith Winter, President
No positions are Currently available
240 D, Holiday Inn Drive
Cambridge ON
N3C 3X4
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