Accessibility Feedback

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1. Our Commitment to Accessibility
Sentex Communications is committed to providing services to our customers in an accessible manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. To help us better understand your needs, we have established a process for receiving and responding to feedback about barriers that customers and the public at large encounter when working with us.
2. Person Designated for Receiving Feedback
John Schmiedendorf is our designated “Accessibility Officer” and will receive your feedback on behalf of Sentex Communications.
3. Feedback Content
We welcome any feedback regarding the accessibility of our services and work environment. To assist us in addressing your feedback, it is important to include the following information:
  • (i) The time and date that you experienced the issue;
  • (ii) A detailed description of your interaction with us and how it was affected by a barrier to accessibility;
  • (iii) Your contact information (except if you wish to submit your feedback anonymously); and
  • (iv) If you prefer an alternate format for receiving a response to your feedback.
4. Methods of Providing Feedback
You can choose to provide feedback via any of the following methods:
5. Anonymous Feedback
You may submit your feedback on an anonymous basis. Anonymous feedback will be considered on an equal basis to any other feedback that we receive. However, we will not have the ability to acknowledge receipt of anonymous feedback.
6. Acknowledgement of Receipt
Except for feedback that is provided anonymously, we will acknowledge receipt of feedback that we receive. We will provide acknowledgement via the same means by which the feedback is received.
7. Confidentiality
Personal information of persons who provide feedback will remain confidential in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act, S.C. 2000, c. 5 and our privacy policy.
8. Alternative Formats
You may request this description of our feedback process in print, large print, braille, audio format, electronic format that is compatible with adaptive technology that is intended to assist persons with disabilities or any other format that you and our Accessibility Officer agree upon and for which there is proof of the agreement.
You may request this description of our feedback process in an alternate format via any of the methods for providing feedback that are listed in Section 4, above. We will then make the description of our feedback process available to you in the requested format as soon as feasible, but at the latest:
a) In the case of a request for a description in braille or an audio format, on the 45th day after the day on which the request is received; and
b) In the case of a request for a description in any other format, on the 20th day after the day on which the request is received.
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