Who we are

Sentex is a data communications company, founded in 1994 in Guelph. Since our inception we have maintained continuous growth and boast an impressive list of both corporate and residential accounts. Sentex's line of products and services has evolved to successfully meet the demands of an expanding customer base. We provide internet service and VPN connectivity to thousands of customers across Canada.

Our dedication to customer service plays a significant role in sustaining our excellent reputation. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always available to answer any questions or concerns. We believe the human element is fundamental in ensuring satisfied customers. We are a service-oriented company that strives for complete customer satisfaction.

Our network is supported by multiple redundant connections to the Internet, which are critical to providing customers with dependable connectivity. A backup power generator keeps everything running smoothly during power outages. The majority of our servers run a robust version of Internet enhanced UNIX, allowing users to enjoy the reliability and security of the UNIX operating system. Customers rely on Sentex's versatility and service for all of their Internet needs.

What Services Does Sentex Offer?

Sentex's roots are in the Internet-access industry, which continues to be one of our our core service offerings. For residential clients, Sentex provides high-speed Internet access, e-mail access, web-page hosting and support.

For corporations and small businesses, Sentex offers complete data communications solutions, including fibre, DSL, web-site hosting and support. Our 'Rapids' server is a totally customizable solution that we tailor to meet customer specific needs. Sentex also provides the convenience of dealing with only one company for both service and billing. Our packages are flexible and can be combined to meet the exact requirements of the customer.

Why Choose Sentex?

We understand that in today’s high tech environment, down-time is not an option for you. That's why we invest heavily in appropriate hardware and design to ensure that our clients are up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our co-location and main server rooms have monitored, secure access and fully redundant air-conditioning units to provide reliable and consistent temperatures to equipment. All of our servers are backed up daily, with weekly off-site backups as part of our disaster recovery plan. To guard against local power failures, Sentex has monitored UPSes with power management software for all servers. To protect against long term power outages, Sentex has an on-site generator. During the great blackout of 2003, Sentex's data center and services remained online throughout and saw ZERO interruption. We have full transit with two different providers, GTT and Cogent, as well as numerous private peers at Torix in Toronto. We have enough capacity on each of those transit links to handle all our traffic should one of them go down. Our Toronto pop (where we connect to the Bell network to pick up our customer DSL connections) is located at 151 Front Street, the premier carrier hotel & data center in Canada. It boasts unparalleled network connectivity and has over 25 fibre optic entrances.

Sentex has been providing internet services since 1994 (check our whois record). Our goal is to be a valued supplier of services to our customers, be that individual home users, or global enterprises requiring highly dependable service levels.

Our superior technology, knowledgeable staff and dedication to customer satisfaction make Sentex the right choice for data communications solutions.

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